This Boot is Made for Walkin’

Hooray! Dr. Wonderful gave me the green light to start driving and walking again! The only condition is that for the next month I have to wear my “cam boot” when I walk. A cam boot is a big black boot that holds one’s foot in a right angle position to protect the Achilles while it’s healing and also supports the weakened calf and foot once the person begins to bear weight.

I don’t have to tell my faithful readers how thrilled I am to be independent again! After multiple posts sharing my journey back to “normal” I can finally tell you that this extremely challenging time in my life is beginning to become a part of my past. It’s strange how something as simple as driving my daughters to school has become one of the most meaningful things in the world. As a mother, it was a real slam to my identity when I was forced to outsource things like transporting my kids to and from school. I feel bathed in relief to be able to do their laundry (the right way!), to make their lunches (healthfully), and to give the little one a bath (lovingly) . These were things that were very difficult for me to do when I was on one leg. I feel normal again and it is fabulous!

The old adage that states “You don’t have anything if you don’t have your health” is true. That’s all there is to it. I am not to the point where I can say that I’m grateful for the experience I’ve been through but I can definitely see its value in creating an appreciation for the ordinary.

I began physical therapy last week and have my second appointment this afternoon. I’m looking forward to it. Even though it’s strenuous and tiring, it makes me feel good to be healing. I am determined not to limp through the rest of my life and am willing to do the work necessary to recapture a healthy gait. I’ll get there. But until then, this boot (along with my left shoe) is meant for walkin’ and I’m going to enjoy every step!

Thanks for your supportive comments through this entire ordeal. I’m blessed to have such awesome readers! My next posts are not likely to be “Achilles” focused but I promise to keep my writing tethered to the theme of “wellness”. There’s nothing like it!