Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News!!

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News!!


Barbara Jaurequi, MS, LMFT, MAC


In exactly 2 days, 2 hours and 16 minutes I will be at my doctor’s office for my first examination in 4 weeks. My doctor’s assessment of my progress will determine whether I can begin driving again and will also determine if I’m ready to begin physical therapy (i.e., start walking). My faithful readers already know that I had surgery nearly 8 weeks ago to repair my severed right Achilles tendon. Translation: can’t walk/can’t drive. I’ve been looking forward to this next doctor’s appointment like a kid looks forward to Christmas! My hopes are higher than they’ve ever been before…for anything! I will seriously jump for joy (on one foot of course) if my doctor gives me the green light to start driving again (no pun intended) and I’ll give myself three cheers if he says I can start walking.  Maybe four cheers, what the hell!!!

But what if he says I can’t drive or walk yet???

The answer to that question scares me because I have no idea what I’m capable of doing in response to additional weeks of grounding.  Would I cry? Yes; obviously.  Would I get depressed? Absolutely not – I would be far too angry to get depressed. I think I’d be vengeful. And it wouldn’t be the sort of vengeance one would try to fight. It would be the cool sort of vengeance that feels good all over; kind of like the way it feels when the guy who’s been tailgating you on the freeway for the last 5 miles changes lanes and you get right behind him and give him a taste of his own medicine!! Oh man, that feels good! I’m glad that I’m not so evolved that I can’t enjoy a little revenge now and then. As a licensed therapist, I’m referring of course to revenge in theory only (yeah right!).

Actually, if he insists on keeping me down beyond this coming weekend, I may fire my doctor’s over-educated butt and go it alone. Between you and me, I’ve been secretly testing the waters lately. I can’t walk but I can stand on both feet for several seconds without support. I’ve never tried doing it away from the bathroom counter where I could catch myself if I began to totter over, but I’m confident that I am ready to begin my formal rehabilitation. And I’m certainly ready to depress the gas pedal and brakes in my car. Good grief! Just thought I’d mention that the song in my head right now is “Folsom Prison Blues.” Couldn’t tell ya’ why…

SLOW DOWN, PATIENCE!! I’m trying to catch you!!!

Well, that’s it for now. I’m down to 2 days, 1 hour and 30 minutes to go until doctor time. Until then, I will keep the faith (and TRY to stop future tripping!!!).







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