A.C.E.S. Recovery Coaching

pic-aces-speaking2There’s nothing like having a personal coach to help you achieve your “personal best” regardless of the goal. Launching your adult-child into the world of personal responsibility while simultaneously working on your marital relationship can feel overwhelming to some A.C.E.S. couples. That’s why Barbara Jaurequi is making herself available as your one-to-one coach in the A.C.E.S. Recovery Process.

Each Coaching Package will guide you and your spouse through the A.C.E.S. Recovery Program by the very person who developed the theory of A.C.E.S. and its remedy! You will be expertly coached through the step-by-step launching method, the renovation of your marital-relationship, the process of establishing proper family roles, and every other aspect discussed in A.C.E.S. – Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to work directly with the author of A.C.E.S. – Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome and discover how A.C.E.S. recovery can help you reclaim your peace of mind, enhance your marriage, and deliver your adult-child into a life of his own!

A.C.E.S. Recovery Coaching Packages

  1. Work directly with Barbara Jaurequi, MS, LMFT, MAC, the author of A.C.E.S. – Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome
  2. Coaching packages are available to families nationwide; direct services can be accessed remotely by phone, Skype, instant-messaging, or in-person for clients in the Southern California area
  3. Coaching packages are available in 4, 8, or 12-session programs starting at only $895.00 for a 4-week package
  4. Receive specialized guidance for your particular family circumstances including help with identifying measureable and attainable goals, timelines, and stress management throughout the A.C.E.S. Recovery Process
  5. Receive vital support and encouragement throughout the A.C.E.S. Recovery Process
  6. Get answers to your specific questions about the A.C.E.S. Recovery Process
  7. Have the option to  purchase additional coaching sessions at a discounted rate after purchasing an A.C.E.S. Recovery coaching package
  8. Receive a complimentary autographed copy of A.C.E.S. – Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome in hardcover

  • 4 week
  • $895
  • Four 50-minute private sessions

  • 12 Week
  • $2495
  • Twelve 50-minute private sessions